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Horse riding for all!

The farm Lafrenière, made in 1972 by M. Marie Claude Lafrenière, is one of the first to have associated outdoor to horseback riding. Being precursor back in time, M. Lafrenière is one of the three foundations of equestrian leisure association, named Cheval Québec.

Sharing and experiencing our passion of horses has been our number one goal ever since the opening of the Equestrian Centre, already over 30 years ago.

Our Centre welcomes you all year long, offering to live your passion with horses through various activities adapted to your taste, while respecting your aptitudes.

Everything is already put in place for you to experience an enjoyable day with our certified team, who will make sure that all goes to your wishes and to you level of experience.

Along the offered activities, you will find:

As charming and enchanting, the Equestian Farm Dorelies is a well known established enterprise member to the following Associations:

  • Cheval Québec
  • Club de Randonnée Équestre Portneuf
  • L’Association du cheval canadien
  • La société des éleveurs canadiens
  • American Quater Horse Association
  • Association Québécoise Quater Horse
  • Club de Randonnée Équestre Portneuf

Feel free to browse our website for more information and it'll be our pleasure to accommodate you along our numerous satisfied clients! Enjoy!


Free Guide (FR)

Introduce your child to the Riding

Free Guide (FR) : Introduce your child to the Riding
Association Québécoise du Cheval Canadien
Culture de saveurs Portneuf
Association québécois quarter horse inc.
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
Cheval Québec
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