PET THERAPIST interveners

Les Amis pleins de poils

"Les Amis Pleins de Poils" is a team of friend who has at heart the welfare of all animals.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Anick Bédard and I am an intervener pet therapist, specialized educator, and intervener in early childhood.

My name is Francine Marcotte and I am an intervener pet therapist and also an intervener in early childhood.


Our mission is to welcome anyone requiring special care/need.

The objectives is improving the quality life of these people.

What is pet therapy?

Pet therapy is a procedure that is carried in an individual or tiny group form with the help of a carefully selected pet, trained by a qualified person, to elicit reactions aimed at maintaining or improving its cognitive potential, physical, psychological, language or social behavior.

With children, teenagers or adults, they all benefit of pet therapy. It helps to increase their quality of living.


Pet therapy is divided into two parts:

1. The animal-assisted activity is done by a person trained in pet therapy with selected animals, which goal's to increase the quality of life by entertaining, informing, educating and motivating the person.

  • Zoo-teaching: These are educational visits at the social level (schools, early childhood center, youth center, library, etc.).
  • Zoo-Animation: These are fun activities for people's quality of life to help increase their motivation, their participation in educational and recreational leisure (Daycare services, CRDI).

2. Assisted Therapy in animal therapy is led by a professional (doctor, psychologist, educator, etc.) having an animal meeting a specific criteria. An intervention plan can be implemented (ie: objectives, strategies, evaluation of results) in order to improve the physical, social, emotional and other of the person.

*A plan of action can be implemented according to the needs of the person and we can apply the intervention plan already prepared by the professional individual you are meeting.


3. The first objective is to help the person flourish and have fun while living activities with our animal that will help in everyday's life.

As intervener in pet therapy, we need to ensure the welfare of the person primarily because its development is at the heart of our organization. We believe that everyone is unique and that each person has within the resources to achieve its maximum prosper.

Customers to whom we offer our services is very broad; children, adults, elderly people with or without health problems, we adapt to everyone's needs.

If required we can mobilize to the client's residence with our animal/s.


Our animals

Our animal partners : dogs, cats, giant rabbits, miniature rabbits, miniature ponies and horses.


You can reach us at:

  • Tel.: 418-410-1851 (Anick)
  • Tel.: 418-913-0504 (Francine)
  • Email: