Day Camp

Day Camp (8 years old and over)

Take your child to a rewarding, fun and safe life experience, by placing him/her in our riding day camp. There, your child will discover the farm life. Caring about animals is a wonderful way to upgrade the caring development.

Equestrian Day Camp is important because it is often the children’s first contact with the wonderful world of horses. So beneficial to their behaviour…

Every Friday, a lesson is intended to introduce your child to the realities of our equine friends. In addition, for participants aged 8 and older, the concepts learned at camp will allow them to obtain their first degree. (CQ membership necessary though)

Thursdays are for the level 2, we accept the age of 11 but Cheval Québec requires 12 years to deliver the diploma. 
Wednesdays are for the level 3 and over.


  • Knowledge of the horse (psychology)
  • The grooming and consistency of maintenance
  • Leading the horse without riding him (building confidence and a relationship)
  • Equipments

On the field

  • Learning the “how to get”
  • Our natural support
  • The safe attitude
  • The correct position for the 3 paces
  • Ensure of the care of the horse
  • Out on the trails (geomorphology strategies)

The season ends with a theoretical exam and a long ride adapted to their level. 
Parents and families are invited to join us for a picnic in the late afternoon…

Price: $91,98 per day/person, taxes included and $125 for…