Equestrian Excursion

Equestrian Excursion

On reservation only

Throughout the year, a horseback ride is the perfect opportunity to get away and live your passion.

Whether alone or in a group, you have never seen a horse in your life or on the contrary, you’re an experienced rider, we have the horses and the panoramic view to meet your expectations; trail on the farm, crossing fields, bridge/river, spruce plantation … landscape diversity, geomorphology varieties and access to Trans Canadian Trail. Here are our special packages:

Initiation to horseback rider starting at 7 years old

A 30 minutes lesson dealing with the proper way to prepare a horse before leaving: grooming, saddling and cleaning the hooves.

A little course in a carousel, talking about equine philosophy by nature and learn the foundations of the manoeuvres for safe driving during the ride.

Finishing off with a departure for an hour or an hour and a half depending your package, all in peace and quiet journey of 7km and more with a guide.

1 hour of horseback rider and preparations: $57,49/person, taxes included
1 ½ of horseback rider and preparations: $68,99/person, taxes included

Initiation day to the Equestrian world

Arrival at the farm for 8:00am, minimum 4 guests… Picnic basket with various local products is included.

10 years old is the minimum requirement.

You participate in all the tasks related to horse riding, giving an amazing sensation of relationship with the animals:

  • Feeding the livestock
  • Cleaning a box
  • Brush and prepare the horse
  • Handling the horse safely
  • Riding lesson (paddock)
  • Lunch (once your horsey friend is fed)
  • Revision of what was learned through the morning to then head off for a 2 hours ride always with a guide.
  • Once back from the excursion, you once again take care of your new and appreciate fellow and finish off by setting rince it freshly and release it free in the field.

Price: $149,47/person, taxes included

Horseback rides per hour

Always with a guide that teaches you along to better improve your skills.

Discover our beautiful trails on a horse for your height, your temperament and experience. All our horses are trained and experienced for you to enjoy a safe ride.

Go ahead and treat yourself with a horseback ride an hour or more!

  1 hour : $45,99 taxes included
  1½ hour : $57,49 taxes included
  2 hours : $68,99 taxes included

Everything is ready; presentation of your new 4 legged friend, explanations of how the activity with go, briefing about the fundamentals of driving the horse and an explanation of security codes to adopt. The horse will be there all along waiting for you!

Exploration trail: half day experience…

You bring your own lunch (you can eat either before or after the excursion at the farm).

You prepare you horse (brush, saddle, bridle… 30 minutes), get a lesson, we provide all that’s needed, and then off on the saddle go for a 2 hours of hiking.

Price: $86,23/person, taxes included

Excursion for a day

Fields, farms, maple grove, dinner (which you must provide) along the Jacques Cartier River in Pont Rouge, sand pit, etc… The ride can be a bit demanding for those who aren’t used to outdoor activities, so it would be best to be in a certain level of cardiovascular shape for this activity.

It’s a 5 hours ride on saddle: minimum 4 participants, 14 years old and above (with an adult). Best done during fall time.

Price: $143,72/person, taxes included

Festival package of colors

Hike for a day or two! Experience the equestrian adventure when the fresh air and the smell of falling leaves perfume our beautiful trails.

This is an all-inclusive package, the except of the picnic lunch that you’ll need to bring(or we provide with a fee).
Available from late August to mid-October. Need to be a tad fit, because this is 7 hour horseback riding per day and will require some energy.

During that 2 day excursion, you will be spending the night in a cottage by the river in an enchanting setting.

So again; 7 hours of horseback riding per day, minimum of 4 participants, 14 years and above required (accompanied by an adult). Best done in Autumn…

Price: $160,97per day/person, taxes included

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On reservation only, to contact us.

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Specific packages are also possible, contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you.

All staff are certified and the tip represents your appreciation of the service received.