Training and riding lessons

Training and riding lessons

Horseback riding lessons for all ages and levels. From initiation to guide training and teaching. In addition to our regular training, we occasionally offer specialized equestrian clinics to help you improve towards perfectionism.

We offer accredited training via “l’association d’équitation de loisir du Québec”, Cheval Québec.

You need to obtain the reference manual with Cheval Québec, to study the theory.

Formation to become an affective and secure rider (for you and your horse)

  • Level riders patents 1-5
  • Patented training (Cheval Québec / Fédération International de Tourisme Équestre)

Guide training and companion rider

  • Education and training to become” ARE” (Accompagnateur Randonnée Équestre) and/or guide.
  • Level guide Patents 1-3
  • Patented Training (Cheval Québec / Fédération International de Tourisme Équestre)

The applicants will need to have in their possession the First Aid card (valid) BEFORE starting their training.

Formation coaching driver

  • Patents driver 1 and 2
  • Patented Training (Cheval Québec / Fédération International de Tourisme Équestre)

Program continuation

  • Private lessons or in small groups
  • Price per hour or per series of 10 lesson courses
  • Flexible schedule

Specialized clinics

Additional continuous training that offers certifications:

  • Stable Management (living environment, food, health, basic care and preventive care, worms and diseases to avoid, prevention via symptoms).
  • Poisonous plants, development of buildings and environmental management.
  • Preparing/creating an emergency equine bag kit .
  • Halter manoeuvring and leadwork.
  • Horse training (What are your goals with your horse?).
  • Maintenance and repairing equestrian equipment, the harness, leathers equipments.
  • Introduction to the blacksmith and the importance of the horse shoe’s maintenance.
  • Discovery of TREK.
  • Horseback riding management: walk, ride, trek (1 day planning available).
  • Risk management: the dangers of riding indoor and outdoor (Knowledgement of toxic plants, wilderness, different ties…).
  • Purchasing a good long riding horse.
  • Wilderness survival.
  • Introduction to map reading and compass.
  • Carriage, coaches, sleigh driving.
  • Skidding (winter only).


Classes are $45,99/unit, taxes included… If you pay a 10 class program card in a single payment, a free activity will be offered of your choice: a lesson, a hike, an exam simulation, a ride for a friend…

Price: $459,90 taxes included